Time Out For All The Pretty Mama’s.

“Mum, go to timeout!”

Thats right, Mums, its time for you to goto time out for a change!

With Mothers Day coming up, it’s a nice little reminder that the person that holds everything together, that runs around after everyone else, has a little bit of down time for themselves.

How often do you goto the shops for something you need, but you leave the shop with something for each child and partner but not with that one thing for yourself.

How often do you see something you would love, but think “I’d better not!”, yet you see something you know your child would love, of course you get it.

Well, today I am here to tell you, its your turn!

This is permission to treat yourself, you deserve some pampering! You deserve to feel relaxed, to be the centre of attention for a change!

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