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Amazing to help with cramps, muscle pains and aches. Also great to wrap around the stomach for stomach cramps. Back wraps have 8 panels sewn into them so that the heat is distributed evenly across your back/stomach with fully adjustable strong velcro to hold the heat bag in place.

Sizing Guide (based on ladies sizes) – Small size 6-10. Medium size 12-14. Large size 16-18. X Large 18+.

Can also be used as a cool pack! (just put inside a ziplock bag and put into the freezer).

Filled with Australian Grown *Odour Free* Lupins!

Lupins retain heat for longer, 30% lighter than wheat, doesn’t sweat when heated, chemical and odour free!

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Our Eye Masks are perfect to ease headaches and relieve stress. Weighing 250 grams is just enough weight to keep the light out and apply some pressure. Designed to be used on your eyes, but can be used on any part of the body. These are hand made using 100% Cotton.

Can also be used as a cool pack.. Just put your Eye Mask inside a ziplock bag and place in your freezer. Perfect to have on hand in your freezer for headache and migraines.

Filled with Australian grown Lupins.. But what are Lupins? They’re a type of legume grown by Australian Famers. We use these instead of traditional wheat because they are ODOUR FREE!! So no more smelly heat bags and smelly microwaves!

Other benefits-

➕ retains heat longer 
âž• 30% lighter than wheat
âž• doesn’t sweat when heated
➕ chemical free


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