About Amy


With over 10 years experience in the beauty industry, my passion and specialty focuses on Brows- both colour and shape, lash lifting and relaxation massage.

I created my business, Pampered by Amy, after I became a Mum which gave me a greater understanding of what I needed to provide in my beauty salon. So, I have created my own quiet little hideaway for everything beauty!

My goals are to have a relaxing and calming salon, so when you walk in you can feel the weight of the world leave you at the door.ย 

To nurture my clients, while providing high quality treatments, without the soaring price tag.

And to provide prompt service and down to earth conversations- without the sales pitch.

The best part about being in the beauty industry is highlighting what was already beautiful features, leaving the client feeling happier and more confident than when they walked in the door.

Instagram @pampered_by_amy

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